Rich WildmanName: Richard Wildman
Location: Illinois, US
Industry Involvement: 15+ years

Profile: Rich Wildman is the host of MSI: Music Scene Investigation.  He’s a long time broadcaster, beginning as an on-air personality in the early 80’s, who moved to the technical field.  Although he’s spent most of his professional career either in front of a microphone or a computer keyboard, he’s, also, been a long time independent musician.

Throughout the 80’s and, early, 90’s, Rich played keyboards, providing backing and, sometimes, lead vocals with a local underground band.  After a long hiatus, in the mid 2000’s, Rich picked up his love of music once again, as a solo and collaborative artist, providing keyboards and lead vocals on a number of independent compositions.

Rich began his broadcasting career in 1983 as an on-air personality, while a junior in high school.  After studying Theatre at university, he rejoined his broadcasting career, joining the staff of various stations over the next number of years.  He worked on-air, production, studio engineering and, eventually, moved full-time into the engineering field.  Moving into automation engineering, led him into the fields of Integration Engineering, Quality Assurance, Risk Analysis and Strategic Planning.  Working with over 200 stations, around the world, Rich provided support, training, development and implementation strategies.

In the late 90’s, Rich left the broadcast community, to move into the Information Technology community. Working with Lexis Nexis and, most recently, with the Defense community, supporting the various programs, via contract companies.

In the mid to late 90’s, Rich began experimenting with audio broadcasting via the, then fledgling, Internet.  In the mid 00’s, he ran, a version of, iCompositions Radio.  In 2009, he began producing and co-hosting shows on the iCWeekly Network.  His involvement with technology has continued with the invention of the ‘Mac Arena’, which is a system of computers, networks and other hardware used to produce and broadcast the shows on the iCWeekly network.