Along side our regular panelists each week on MSI: will be a Guest Investigator, hand picked for their experience and knowledge in some aspect of the Music Industry. Our guests will range from signed music artists, music teachers, radios DJ’s, producers and more. As each guest appears on the show, a short biography for them will be displayed here:

Guest Josh Conway

IMG_0992Name: Josh Conway
Location: Reading, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 24th May 2015

Profile: A multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, producer/engineer and experienced tech for many other bands, Josh is an experienced musician that has been involved in music since a young age. He qualified from The Academy of Contemporary Music (Drum Performance) in Guildford and since has gone on to play in many bands, including his own original project Days Remain, The Quotes, covers band Tetanus Jab, Level 42 tribute band Never 42  and jam band The fREAKJAM Band. A very talented guitarist, drummer and vocalist he is often described by his musical contemporaries as a “child genius”. Josh has also shared a stage with other acts including Goldie Looking Chain, Boy George, The Cheeky Girls, The Charlatans and many more…

When not playing live himself, Josh can either be found teching for other bands including The Illegal Eagles (Eagles tribute), teaching drums and guitar, or recording and producing at his studio, which consists of two converted bedrooms of his house and a fully soundproofed drum room in his garage. Josh not only produces his own music, but works with other artists, including, Nick Heyward (Haircut 100), Danyl Johnson (X-Factor), Camilla Kerslake and Nicolette Street who he also starred in a film “Tomorrow” with, directed by Martha Pinson with executive producer Martin Scorsese.

Josh is currently working on and developing a new website, as an educational website for drummers of all ages and abilities.

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Guest Jerome Marcus


Name: Jerome Marcus
Location: London, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 15th February 2015

Profile: With a background as a successful session musician, Jerome Marcus is one of the country’s leading ‘fixers’ specialising in providing consultancy services to the music industry.

He has a vast range of experience having joined the music instrument industry in 1990 with Arbiter Group Ltd. He has worked in Artist Relations for companies including Sabian, Vic Firth, Remo, Gretsch, Gibraltar, Toca, Latin Percussion and Arbiter AT.

His working relationships with drum artists include Dave Weckl (Session Great), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Will Calhoun (Living Colour), Jo Jo Mayer (Nerve), Alan White (Oasis), Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy) and many more. He is also responsible for adding new blood drummers to various companies endorser roster as Karl Brazil (James Blunt), Troy Miller (Amy Winehouse), Ian Matthews (Kasabian), Pete Ray Biggin (Mark Ronson) and his reputed associations continue to scale the heights of the industry.

He has also been involved in organising product placements with such prestigious brands as Madame Tussaud’s, Levi’s, Selfridges and Harrods; he has also worked extensively with TV media, including arranging competitions with MTV and Kerrang! TV, and has been responsible for organising the supply of product for incorporation in such household TV advertising as EON and Weetabix adverts. Music magazines such as Metal Hammer, Kerrang! and Rocksound, together with mobile phone company Orange, further round out his past clientele.

As a musician himself, Jerome ‘started hitting things’ at the tender age of six years  when his grandfather bought him his first drum kit. He played in several bands on the pub circuit and recorded jingles for the local radio station Plymouth Sound before moving to London in 1981 and joining the Johnny Mars Blues Band, who supported  Wang Chung, Haircut 100, Cutting Crew, Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones, The Fix and many more throughout the 80’s. In 1998, he joined The Sweet after singer Brian Connoly died and toured for a few years with Slade. Jermone currently plays with fellow MSI: Panelist Sam Kelly in “Station House” and also has a video project called Mad Bad & Dangerous with Spike Webb, (available on YouTube) which consists of a series of interviews documenting the fun side of a drummer’s journey through their career. Jerome is also a brand ambassador for Carrera Drums, working closely with another MSI: Panelist Dave Carrera.

For more information on Jerome, check out
Mad Bad & Dangerous

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Guest Paul Hurst

Paul HurstName: Paul Hurst
Location: Guisborough, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 9th November 2014

Profile: Paul (PKH) is a musician and producer and has been active since the age of eleven when he started drum lessons at school. Inspired and influenced by Gary Numan he aspired to synthesis which neither personal finances nor comprehensive education could afford. An experienced live performance keyboard/bass player, PKH was one half of duo No Shelter, laterly Fascination an act that appeared in venues between Shepards Bush and Glasgow, including playing at The Marquee Club on bass with Blue Ice in a national newspapers Battle Of The Bands competition.
In 2002 he attended Leeds College of Music where he graduated with an HND(distinction) in Music Production and has since gone on to work with GForce Software as a BETA tester on the new Oddity 2 Synth, where his job was to help debug the software and make suggestions for improvement. Paul was discovered by GForce on where he has done some well acclaimed versions of Gary Numan tunes.

Check out Paul on Soundcloud here:

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Guest Ian Freedman

Ian Freedman Profile PicName: Ian Freedman
Location: Reading UK
First MSI: Appearance: 16 November 2014

Profile: Ian is a multi-instrumentalist and proud musical jack-of-all-trades. He anchors The Readifolk Radio Show, a two-hour weekly folk & acoustic show that is broadcast locally in Reading UK, in Canada & Australia, as well as streaming on the internet. He has been around music all his life, (his mother was a music teacher and one of his uncles a well known classical composer), and started playing in bands as a teenager.

As well as broadcasting Ian continues to play in the folk group Ryewolf, the odd solo spot as a singer songwriter and the occasional corporate gig as a dijeridoo player. Although his prime interest is now in the folk & acoustic scene in the UK, Ian has played in many genres of music from punk to blues to rock. He does not regard himself as being an expert on anything, but admits to being opinionated!

Check out Readifolk Radio here:

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Guest Jimmy Star

Jimmy Star
Name: Jimmy Star
Location: Philadelphia
First MSI: Appearance: 13 July 2014

Profile: Jimmy Star is the Director of Operations of Monarchy Records, the Urban Division of the Spectra Music Group, the largest indie record label in the world. The Spectra Music Group is home to numerous gold and platinum selling artists, as well as the best new artists from around the world. He also hosts The Jimmy Star Show, voted the 9th best webshow in the world, syndicated worldwide in 7 major markets and 3 countries. He loves everthing pop culture, with an extensive interest in music/ television and film. He is also a Twitterati and social media maven, follow him on Twitter and Instagram @drjimmystar.

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Guest Mike Senior

Name: Mike Senior
Location: Germany
First MSI: Appearance: 08 June 2014

Profile: Mike developed an interest in recording while studying for a Music Degree at Cambridge University, and worked as an assistant engineer at a number of London studios, including RG Jones, West Side, Angell Sound, and Music By Design. Following an MSc in Music IT at City University, he landed a full-time job as in-house engineer at Great Linford Manor Studios, working with artists such as The Charlatans, Reef, Therapy, Nigel Kennedy, and Wet Wet Wet. In October 1999, he moved back to Cambridge and joined the editorial department of Sound On Sound magazine full-time, where he was Reviews Editor for six years and presided over the launch of the popular ‘Studio SOS’ and ‘Mix Rescue’ columns. He now devotes his time to freelance engineering and writing for Sound On Sound, as well as training and consultancy work. His best-selling book Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio provides a complete mixing course based around the techniques of more than 100 of the world’s most famous producers.

Find out more about Mike here: Cambridge-MT

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Guest Steve Gardner

Name: Steve Gardner
Location: Florida, USA
First MSI: Appearance: 16th March 2014

Profile: Steve has been involved in music for over 30 years, with talents including vocals, songwriting, guitars, bass, keyboards and production, as well as being one of the driving forces behind the scenes at music collaboration website alongside partner Raf Fiol.

Since joining in 2009, Steve has created educational partnerships, helped to establish as the leader in online music collaboration throughout the music industry and has been involved with some big collaboration contests with artists including Brian Culbertson, Glenn Phillips and Joe Bonamassa.

When he is not working behind the scenes at, Steve is an indie artist himself, under the moniker of ‘sanger’, and is influenced mainly by Rock and Blues. He has created and joined in excess of 150 Kompoz collaborations to date and plans many more for the future.

Steve first got involved with MSI: back in June 2011 when he submitted a tune “All My Yesterdays” by his online band The Condition, which eventually led to Steve introducing MSI: to many other users and forming a working relationship with the site.

Find out more at

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Guest Ben Draiman

Name: Ben Draiman
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
First MSI: Appearance: 3rd November 2013

Profile: Ben Draiman was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and has been a singer-songwriter as well as a pianist from the young age of 13 years old. Heavily influenced by a wide variety of music and styles, his music can best be described as powerful, emotional, melodic rock, fusing together the softness of the piano alongside the intensity and roughness of electric guitar. He comes from a family of musicians, most notably his older brother, David Draiman of the Hard Rock groups Disturbed and Device.

Drawing from musical influences growing up a child of the 80s in Chicago, like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Bon Jovi, Draiman has developed a knack of combining magnetic melodies and crunching arena rock choruses that accentuate the interplay between guitar and piano. He describes his music as exploring the common denominators of Evanescence’s heaviness and Coldplay’s prettiness. And his lyrics are straight from the heart, and so personal they prevented him from seeking to play his songs in public for many years. His performances, as well as his music’s unique intensely emotional and authentic style has set him apart from many other artists and continues to draw larger audiences over the years all across the age demographic. His single “Soon Enough” which was released in 2011 in anticipation of his 6-Track EP, released in 2012, went on to garner considerable worldwide interest.


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Guest Ian Blackwood

Name: Ian Blackwood
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Occupation: Producer, Musician and Actor
First MSI: Appearance: 6th October 2013

Profile: Multi-Instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, mixer, engineer and actor, Ian has worked together with award winning Canadian record producers Greig Nori (Sum 41), Gavin Brown (Metric), Gianni Nicassio (Walk Off The Earth) and Jesse Colburn (Avril Lavigne, Stereos) as well as American producers Brian McTernan (Hot Water Music), John Wozniak (Mercy Playground) and Grammy nominated Rob Caggiano (Anthrax, Volbeat).

As a musician Ian has played in the bands Jersey (Virgin/EMI, FBR), The Fullblast (Dine Alone), The Artist Life (UO/Universal) and Walk Off The Earth, to name a select few. He has shared the stage with numerous acts and has played some of the finest venues in North America and around the world

As an Actor Ian played the character of Kyle Bateman on the Canadian teen drama “Instant Star”. The show had a cult following and aired on The Nickelodeon Channel in the United States and to this day has aired in over 120 countries.

Ian owns and operates a recording studio from his home called LimeGreen. The studio has been graced by many talented artists over the years but marked a pinnacle in 2013 when he was approached by his sister Sarah Blackwood to co-produce her guest vocal for the Danish Metal band “Volbeat”. The record went on to be mixed by Chris Lord-Alge.

Now in his 30’s, Ian is working on his newest solo project titled Ian Blackwood & The Bipolars with plans to release in 2014.

Check out Ian’s studio at

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Guest Nick Andrew

Name: Nick Andrew
Location: London, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 15 September 2013
Profile: Nick grew up in Scotland, where he established a reputation as a virtuoso guitarist, composer, teacher and session guitarist, playing alongside masters from the world of Classical and Jazz guitar including Simon Dinnegan, John Goldie, Allan Neave and Russian composer Nikita Koshkin. He moved to London in 1997 to develop his career, working on a wide range of solo and collaborative projects with various solo artists, cover bands, and original acts including Electric Jazz pioneers Curfew, and Prog Rockers Vienna Circle. In 2005 Nick wrote, performed, produced and independently released his first solo CD called “Solo?” which is a mixture of modern classical with jazz (with a touch of Rock n’ Roll!). Nick has performed at numerous venues including Wembley Arena, Hyde Park, Dundee Guitar Festival, London Guitar Show, as well as all over Europe and America.

Alongside his love for Midi Guitars, Nick is always searching to exploit new technology, which has recently led him to be endorsed by Lace’s Alumitone Pickups , and has seen him contributing material on several music websites including the sadly missed and Lick Library. When he is not recording, producing or playing live Nick can be found in the classroom, and has taught at various colleges, universities and music schools like the ACM in Guildford, managing to fit in masterclasses here and there also.

All of this, and he lives in his car… which he has also written a book about!

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Guest Debra Russell

Name: Debra Russell
Location: New Jersey
First MSI: Appearance: 11 Aug 2013
Profile: Debra Russell, Certified Results Coach, Owner of Artist’s EDGE, works with professionals in the Music Industry to help shape their success. As a business coach, Debra works with performers, songwriters/composers, venue owners, agents/managers, producers, engineers, and executives. In addition to working with private clients, Debra has created the Artists Marketing & Business Academy (ArtistsMBA) to teach artists business basics and has delivered several innovative programs for entertainment industry trade conferences and organizations including NSAI, ArtsNorthWest, TAXI Road Rally, and West Coast Songwriter.

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Guest Rob Puricelli

Name: Rob Puricelli
Location: Suffolk, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 16 Jun 2013
Profile: Rob Puricelli owns and writes a successful music industry blog, Failed Muso, and is a freelance consultant to numerous music technology software developers, artists and engineers. Failed Muso is an ongoing, infinite project which serves as a vent for all things musical in his life. Originally a drummer, Rob was obsessed with music technology from a very early age, at a time when music technology itself was at an early age. After having numerous bad experiences playing with bands (and dealing with hefty ego’s), Rob opted for a more technical and withdrawn approach, although he does miss playing live. Rob now performs a number of tasks that vary between writing music and doing sound design and beta testing for both music hardware and software.

He’s worked on projects with companies such as Akai, Alesis, Hollow Sun, GForce Software, Horizontal Productions & Peter Vogel Instruments. He runs regular song writing challenges, a concept conceived to encourage new, original music making amongst the Propellerhead Reason community.

He composes, records and remixes music as part of the duo Page-R and has collaborated with such people as Lori Cunningham and has material on sale globally.

For more information about Rob, take a look at his blog Failed Muso.

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Guest Panelist Suzy Chase

Name: Suzy Chase
Location: New York City
First MSI: Appearance: 23rd Jun 2013
Profile: Raised in Kansas, New York City DJ Suzy Chase has been a tour de force on the podcasting scene since 2003, turning a passion for soul music into a livelihood that has garnered her a reputation as a rare female podcasting pioneer. In 2003 Chase was podcasting on the little known iTunes radio platform. As podcasting starting making it’s way into the mainstream she found a podcasting platform and has been hosting her podcasts on since 2005.

With the creation of, Suzy Chase took her love for soul music and built the longest running, #1 independent soul music podcast. “Music ended for me in 1990″ says Suzy. As a highly respected soul music curator, Suzy currently syndicates the podcast on radio stations and holds down a DJ residency at the uber hip Trophy Bar in Brooklyn, New York. Internationally recognized for her in depth knowledge of soul music from the 1970 to 1990, Suzy has developed a loyal following.

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Guest James Anderson

Name: James Anderson
Location: Brighton, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 12th  May 2013
Profile: James Anderson is a Sound Engineer and Audio Producer.  Despite working in the world of corporate voiceover, recording e-learning modules, television/radio adverts and producing on-hold audio for telephone systems, James also has a solid background in band recording and sound design.

James is also a keen record collector and has bought and sold vinyl since being a music student.  Over the years James has built up a vast knowledge of music and knows what is rare and collectible.  He collects ‘60s and ‘70s psychedelic and progressive rock artists and has a vast collection of jazz 78s.  Passionate about surround sound, James is a Quadraphonic aficionado and has spent many years attempting to perfect the fiddly setup process required to extract four channels of audio from one groove.   In his recent years of record dealing, James met and became firm friends with MSI guest panellist and legendary record producer John Schroeder.  This friendship eventually led to a memorable and rather entertaining meeting with in-house MSI panellist Ian Husbands – the rest, as they say, is history…

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Guest C Bret Campbell

Name: C Bret Campbell
Location: Tennessee, US
First MSI: Appearance: 21 April 2013
Profile: Bret Campbell is the Co-Founder of MiddleTennessee Music. Founded in 2011 as a merging of Small Barn Sound‘s production and promotion services with those of BUNKS Multimedia, Mid Tenn focuses on independent musicians, labels, venues, publications and web partnerships. Along with free information and promotion services Mid-Tenn acts as consultant, webmaster, and online marketing director for bands, artists, indie labels, radio promo companies, and others. They build, host and maintain websites, handle promotion campaigns and help build the professional team that an artist on the rise needs.

Bret’s been a musician for 35 years, and involved in the music community in some way or another all of that time. He is currently making music, is a journalist with The Saturday Independent, and a multitude of topics on Mid Tn and Small Barn Sound.

You can find out more information about Bret at Middle Tennessee Music.

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Guest Tony Palmer

Name: Tony Palmer
Location: Britain
First MSI: Appearance: 3 March 2013
Profile: Tony Palmer is a British film director and author whose work includes over 100 films, ranging from early works with The Beatles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa (200 Motels), to his classical portraits which include profiles of Margot Fonteyn, Igor Stravinsky, Richard Wagner, Yehudi Menuhin, Benjamin Britten and Ralph Vaughan Williams. He is also a stage director of theatre and opera. Among over 40 international prizes for his work are 12 Gold Medals from the New York Film Festival as well as numerous BAFTAs and Emmy Awards. Palmer has won the Prix Italia twice, for A Time There Was in 1980 and At the Haunted End of the Day in 1981. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and an honorary citizen of both New Orleans and Athens. From Cambridge University, he joined the BBC. Following an apprenticeship with Ken Russell and Jonathan Miller, Palmer’s first major film, Benjamin Britten & his Festival, became the first BBC film to be networked in the United States. With his second film, All My Loving, an examination of rock and roll and politics in the late 1960s, he achieved considerable notoriety. In 1989, he was awarded a retrospective of his work at the National Film Theatre in London, the first maker of arts films to be so honoured.

In addition to films, Tony Palmer has also directed in the theatre and in the opera house. After a debut at the Zurich Opera House with Peter Grimes, he had a double triumph in Karlsruhe, War and Peace, and again in Zurich with Berlioz‘s masterpiece, The Trojans. In Saint Petersburg, he directed the Russian premiere of Parsifal, conducted by Valery Gergiev, with Plácido Domingo. He has also directed in Hamburg, Munich, Augsburg, Savonlinna, Berlin and Helsinki and recently became the first Western director ever to work at the Bolshoi in Moscow. Parsifal won Best Theatre Production in Moscow, 1997, as well as a ‘Golden Mask’. On the West End stage he has directed the world premiere of John Osborne‘s Look Back in Anger Part Two, Déjà Vu. Mr Palmer also presented the BBC Radio 3 Arts magazine ‘Night Waves’, for which he won a Sony Award for best arts programme.

Tony Palmer has published several books, and has written for The New York Times, The Times, Punch, Life magazine etc. From 1967-74 he was a regular music critic for The Observer. From 1969-74 he had a weekly column in The Spectator entitled ‘Notes from the Underground’.

For more information on Tony, visit his website:

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Guest Panelist Carol Riordan

Name: Carol Riordan
Location: Australia
First MSI: Appearance: 23 September 2012
Profile: Carol’s first introduction to music came from a very early age when she was subjected to the non- stop sounds of the Mersey beat – mainly, of course, The Beatles.  As she grew up she was influenced by a wide range of music from classical, opera, musicals and 50’s rock and roll. During her teenage years she was into the 70’s mainstream. However, during that time she also became influenced by progressive rock, and rock in general, from the Eagles to the complex music of Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer. Carol is by no means stuck in one genre!
Since joining forces with Mark Lamdanski and forming Butterflies Radio in 2009, her musical knowledge has increased and she has found herself listening to genres that never appealed to her in the past!
Her self-taught knowledge of computer and social media skills has helped a great deal in building a fan base for the station as well as contacting and getting a wide range of musical talent from around the globe “on board”.
Carol co-hosts, with Mark, the live TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE. The show airs at 8pm EDT, interviewing guests from around the world, via Skype. The show has become very popular among their followers. The format of the show is unique and their guests always have a fun time! They are booked up 6 months in advance!
Carol does not profess to have a musical talent; however, she has an ear for a good song!
Please feel free to contact Carol at Butterflies Radio.

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Guest Panelist Robert Lindquist

Name: Robert Lindquist
Location: New York, USA
First MSI: Appearance: Hitlist – 8th August 2012
Profile: Hey, Who you callin’ an Old Hippy? Well, he’s been called worse things and apparently—the shoe fits. Bob has been obsessed with music since the day his hand-eye coordination developed to the point that he could set the needle properly on the record without dragging it across the grooves.

In the dim and distant past it was common to find Bob and a few close friends trying to figure out how to make a semi-functional mobile PA system out of just about anything with a wall plug. Once he had one that worked, he immediately loaded it into a friend’s car along with his ever growing collection of 45s and LPs and headed out to redefine the term “loud.” It was about this time he actually convinced a local Top 40 AM radio station to give him an air slot—thus beginning his brief career as a “Boss Jock.” What were they thinking. Time passed, and Bob work his way up through the ranks in broadcasting holding various and sundry positions in programming, production, news and management.

In the mid-’80s, as opportunities in broadcast began drying up, he took a day job at an advertising agency so he could devote his weekends to building a Mobile DJ business. Based on the success of that venture, he was encouraged to write a couple of books/business guides to help others take their Mobile DJ dreams and desires to the next level. That soon led to the launch of “Mobile Beat,” the first magazine especially for Mobile DJs, which has been in publication since 1990. In 2006, Bob sold his interest in Mobile Beat and turned his focus to the future of communications: the Internet.

Today he is the Minister of Operations (Moo) for Level 11 Media (parent company of Live2Play, SoundProLive and Live2Play Worship). Along with all the annoying administrative tasks that come with that title, he still enjoys reviewing and ripping apart gear and doing that whole (along with his wife, Barb) wedding DJ thing on the weekends (Oh, he’s also a member of the American DJ Hall Of Fame and Mobile Beat DJ Hall Of Fame—how cool is that…). He also has more saxophones than he’ll ever have time to play. Now, what are we listening to this time.

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Guest Panelist Tom Oswald

Name: Tom Oswald
Location: Dorset, England
First MSI: Appearance: 2nd September 2012

Profile: Tom is an entrepreneur who started his own company at the age of 15, working with vending machines. At the age of 20, Tom moved to the UK and invented the Osmatic System, developing a fast pour system for beer dispensing units, which he still heads with product currently being taken to market through strategic partnerships. Tom has run several other companies in many fields ranging from medical through to Laser Spectroscopy systems. In 2011 after having met many talented musicians who had little or no hopes of being recognised, Tom setup Red Dragon Records, with the hopes of getting musicians into a position of being noticed for their talents. Alongside a dedicated team, Red Dragon has rapidly become one of the fastest growing independent record labels, a trend which he plans to continue. Now, with a booking agency and PR agency growing from Red Dragon Records, the expansion of the company continues in the form of Acoustic Spectrum Radio, a partnership with Neil King of indie music magazine “FATEA”. Based in the UK, Acoustic Spectrum Radio is all about free music promotion, utilising their combined links within the music industry to import radio shows worldwide and exporting radio shows out. With their own servers transmitting 12,500 gigabytes of music per month, Acoustic Spectrum expects to get indie musicians heard by tens of thousands of people across the globe. With plans for a two channel Indie Music TV Station nearly complete as well, Tom is a busy man keen on making a better life for the indie musician.

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Guest Panelist Mikey Jayy

Mikey JayyName:Mikey Jayy
Location: Los Angeles California
First MSI: Appearance: Jun 03 2012
Profile: Former NASCAR sports writer and Food & Wine Critic, Mikey Jayy founded the #1 ranked podcast music and talk show, “The Great Unknowns Presents.” Mikey is also the Managing Editor of, “All Indie Magazine,” and the Executive Producer of the Artists In Music Awards. His latest project, launched in April 2012, KGUP 106.5FM “The Emerge Radio Networks,” a radio station created to promote and showcase world wide emerging independent artists.

Find more of Mikey Jayy at:
Artist In Music Awards
KGUP 106.5 FM
All Indie Magazine

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Guest Panelist Robbie Burrows

Name: Rob.E. Burrows
First MSI: Appearance: Jan 8th 2012
Profile: Rob.E. Burrows is a talented drummer, best known for playing with new wave British heavy metal band “Spider” between 1976 – 1986. The band, who were often compared to Status Quo, offered an upbeat sound, which was described as Boogie Rock. Spider released three albums in the 10 years they were together, titled Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies (1982), Rough Justice (1984) and Raise the Banner (For Rock ‘n’ Roll) (1986). They played 1,000 gigs in the first four years of their existence and went on to play tours with Uriah Heap and Gillan in the early 80′s. Spider signed recording deals with RCA Records, then Alan McGee (who also signed Oasis) signed them to A&M Records and from there they moved over to PRT Records. Rob.E. now lives in Australia.

For more about Spider, check out the Spider Archive.

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Guest Panelist Jen Trani

Name: Jen Trani
Location: Los Angeles, CA
First MSI: Appearance: Oct 9th 2011
Profile: Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Jen Trani was 13 years old when she picked up her first guitar, rescuing her mom’s dusty old acoustic from the family’s attic. Quickly developing a love for the instrument, Jen headed west to sharpen her craft at LA’s esteemed Musicians Institute, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in music performance.
While studying at MI, Jen formed the folk-pop duo Jen & Abby with vocalist Abby Miller. With their quirky style and catchy tunes, the band soon gained a devoted following through gigs at many renowned LA venues, including The Key Club, House of Blues, and Hotel Café. Following the release of their 2008 debut album Cannot Rearrange, the band’s music was featured in multiple films and television commercials.
Jen has been sought out by many other artists seeking her particular blend of expertise and performance savvy. Currently performing on lead guitar with Sparrow, Lemon Boys, Atlantic signed artist Sofi Bonde and MojoRising.
She relishes the chance to put her skills to the test in a wide variety of musical genres. In addition to writing and performing, Jen keeps busy as a private instructor to dozens of aspiring guitarists. She also has done over 500 online instructional videos totaling up to more then 10 million views for YouTube and

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Guest Panelist Taylor Van Arsdale

Name: Taylor Van Arsdale
Location: Santa Monica, CA
First MSI: Appearance: 2nd October 2011
Profile: Taylor Van Arsdale got her start in music as the “Original Check-In Gal” at the Guitar Center Hollywood where she met many musical icons including; Poison, David Coverdale and Eddie Van Halen. She then moved to film and television at HBO Pictures where she developed award-winning projects including; “Don King: Only in America,” “GIA” ~ with Angelina Jolie and “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.” She was later hired by NBC Universal as the Instructor for the Writers On The Verge Diversity Workshop, where she oversaw content for 1-hour dramas and 1-hour comedies and evaluated writers’ adaptability for network staffing. As a private script consultant, with Tailfish Productions she personally developed the 2004 Austin Film Festival Best Comedy Screenplay Winner and a 2005 Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist. She has worked as the Managing Editor of two print magazines, writes a column for the Santa Monica Daily Press and continues to explore creative and artistic endeavors. In early 2010 she took her film and television savvy and merged it, along with her long-standing film industry contacts and passion for music to re-brand Tailfish Productions into Tailfish Productions & PR [Tailfish Publik Relations] representing music industry talent, bands, and music gear and products and acts as a liaison between labels and/or musicians and the media to acquire reviews in online and print magazines and so on. The focus is split between generating press and airplay to acquiring film and television licensing rights for their client’s songs. Her clients have received airplay on: Los Angeles’ Indie 103.1, Boston’s 100.3 WHEB ~ Morning Drive Time, San Diego’s ROCK 105.3 KIOZ, Boston’s 88.1 WMBR, Long Beach’s KCTY 107.7 FM, and North Dakota’s KHND 1470 AM.

Tailfish clients include: Goth artist Dymaxion Vehicle ~ recently hailed by Blast magazine as the “Quentin Tarantino” of Darkwave; Glo ~ An amazing collaboration of talent from Canada with scintillating rhythms of harder edged rock with deep orchestral arrangements; JamHub ~ Winner of the NAMM Best Tools for Schools 2010-2011~ for its “Silent Rehearsal Studio;” Electronic-fusion artist JonRa, Indie phenoms Marcy Playground, Dream-Pop artist Mimi Page ~ whose songs have been widely received by the electronic music community and have charted #1 on and #11 on iTunes for her single “This Fire;” Shotgun Radio ~ Electronica / Break Beat artists who have crafted and licensed music for Doritos, Timberland, Converse, Puma and K-Swiss commercials; Spaceship Days ~ Winners of the Online Music Awards; and Sweet Davis ~ an emerging country/pop band from Virginia.

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Guest Leigh Heggarty

Name: Leigh Heggarty
Location: Middlesex, UK
First MSI: Appearance: August 14th 2011
Profile: Initially inspired by the Sixties sounds of The Beatles and The Who mixed with the Seventies stylings of T. Rex and Dr. Feelgood Leigh took up the guitar as a schoolboy in the late Seventies during the punk rock explosion although it wasn’t until 1985 that he formed The Price, with whom he  released several records and played hundreds of gigs supporting Transvision Vamp, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine and Mega City Four among many others. Leigh then went on and formed The Flame who recorded with noted producer Pip Williams and supported the likes of Ian Hunter and Wilko Johnson on the London club circuit. From there he put together The Informers, playing Rhythm and Blues at a time when it was the most unfashionable type of music imaginable and played with bands like The Yardbirds and Dr. Feelgood before fizzling out at the end of the decade. The new century began with Leigh helping out Irish punk ‘psycho-ceilidh’ band Neck ‘for a few gigs’ which saw him record on their 2002 World Cup single, supporting Stiff Little Fingers and The Undertones and playing at The Glastonbury Festival. Leigh went on to play with Dave Finnigan’s Commitments, with Dave who was an original cast member of the film playing Mickah Wallace. Other acts Leigh has played with includes  The Chicago Blues Brothers, Utter Madness, The Sex Pistols Experience, as well as working ex-Adverts singer T.V. Smith, Mick Ralph’s (Bad Company) band Repetoire Dogs and many more. Leighs guitar skills have seen him tour across Britain, Ireland, Europe and the USA and also working as guitar tech with Stuart Monks maintaining the guitars at theatre shows including ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘The Jersey Boys’ and ‘Hairspray’ in London’s West End.

Back in July 2007 Leigh was the rehearsal guitarist for The Ruts’s reunion show with Dave Ruffy – the band reformed with American punk legend Henry Rollins on vocals for a benefit concert for guitarist Paul Fox who sadly died of cancer shortly after the gig. He has since contributed guitar on the forthcoming Ruts D.C. album ‘Rhythm Collision Volume 2‘, as well as working on an album with ‘Football Factory‘ author John King based on his novel ‘The Prison House”. When he’s not playing the guitar he works at the Balcony Shirts clothing and musical instrument shop in Uxbridge. Every so often he has a day off, which he normally spends feeling guilty about not working.

You can catch up with Leigh’s adventures in the wild ‘n’ wacky world of show business and beyond at

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Guest Panelist Bill Evans

Name: Bill Evans
Location: Las Vegas, USA
First MSI: Appearance: June 26th 2011
Profile: Bill Evans has been a musician and journalist for too many years to remember. Back in the late ’80s and ’90s he worked on a magazine for musicians called GIG. The whole idea was to support “working musicians” no matter what their genre or style. Starting in 2002 Bill’s “day gig” was editing a pro audio magazine called Front of House, where he interviewed a bunch of “lifer” sound guys including Jon Martin (Plain White Ts), Tim Miller (Jennifer Hudson) and Big Mick Hughes (Metallica).  With a passion for music and supporting musicians, Bill has been a part of a team that put together the Live2Play Network which is much like GIG but includes a print magazine, a deep Web site, an email newsletter, a streaming radio station and lots a lots of video–everything from artist features to product reviews. In March of 2011, Bill decided it was time to really make the digital dive and left Front of House to concentrate on Live2Play and to extend that idea into a pro audio with the SoundProLive Network. Bill’s team includes MSI: Guest Paneilst Andrea Bensmiller as well as Lis Lewis (vocal coach for American Idol), Bruce Bartlett (recording specialist & Author), Jake Kelly (top ten country songwriter for artists including Gary Allan) and Phil Parlapiano (John Prine’s musical director, played with Grant Lee Buffalo). In his spare time Bill fronts and plays in Blues & Soul party band “Rev. Bill & The Soul Believers” which he has been a part of since 1984, playing popular Memphis soul, cool rock and roll or horn-driven blues covers in and around the Las Vegas area. Bill is also a published author, writing titles including “Making Money Making Music – The Musicians’s Guide to Cover Gigs” and “Live Sound Fundamentals” which are available from Amazon.

Check out the Live2Play Network here: and digital editions here:
For those with an interest in touring audio, join that tribe at and check out their teaser edition at

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MSI:SPY Guest Panelist Weird Bugger

Name: Wiard Bakker (Weird Bugger)
Location: Netherlands
First MSI: Appearance: May 29th 2011
Profile: What would you get if you mixed Moby with Led Zeppelin, Massive Attack with Pink Floyd or The Chemical Brothers with The Velvet Underground? In 2010, after not having played a single note for 10 years, Dutch multi-instrumentalist Weird Bugger (real name Wiard Bakker – when properly pronounced in Dutch sounds very much like ‘Weird Bugger‘ indeed) decided there was more to life than being an IT engineer so he got himself some new instruments and recording gear, locked himself up in his garage and produced his instrumental debut album “PRETTY COOL STUFF for beginners“. Drawing upon a kaleidoscope of influences – 70’s rock, psychedelica, trance, country, jazz, indie rock, folk, lo-fi, reggae, trip-hop and more – he created his own unique and refreshing sound and style. Weird Bugger’s music has been dubbed “Power Lounge“, “Indie Folk Trance Rock” and “Power Lo-Fi“, but you might as well classify it as “Folk Trance Crossover” or “Indietronic Lounge Rock“. The album was mastered by KRAMER, founder of the influential New York record label Shimmy-Disc.

Weird Buggers music first appeared on MSI: Episode 5, on 6th February with Paul Miro in the guest chair. He recently beat Jiguma in the MSI:SPY poll to appear on the show as a guest panelist, reviewing music submitted by previous guest panelists as our first official MSI:SPY.

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Guest Panelist Mark Lamdanski

Mark LamdanskiName: Mark Lamdanski
Location: Southern, Florida
First MSI: Appearance: 05 June 2011
Profile: Becoming involved with Independent Music came at an early age for Mark. At 16 years old he started my own DJ business, later becoming a Cruise Ship DJ. In 2009, realizing a life-long dream, Mark, along with Carol Riordan, of Perth Australia, formed Butterflies Radio, launching it in February of the same year. In Mark’s own words, “As we began to understand the industry more and became enthralled with the variety and expanse of independent musicians worldwide, Carol and I began recruiting indie artists around the world.” Within months they had hundreds of submitted songs and realized the importance of providing a portal for indie musicians to get their music heard. Butterflies Radio capitalizes on the power of the Internet and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and others) to promote indie artists world-wide. Utilizing the power of Social Media, Butterflies Radio has exploded in popularity. To date, Butterflies Radio is commercial free and does not plan to sell on-air advertising. The station relies on donations to help cover its expenses.
Mark’s primary focus is running of the station, including receiving and screening submitted music and making sure the tunes get added to the rotation. Carol and Mark, also, host a weekly live and interactive Twitter Tuesday LIVE broadcast, where listeners and artists can get mentioned on the air, just by mentioning @allindie on Twitter! The show can be heard every Tuesday night at 8pm EST, on Butterflies Radio.
To hear Mark tell it, “There is a HUGE amount of incredibly talented musicians out there. My self-assigned responsibility is to make sure they’re heard. We must be doing something right – American Idol follows us on MySpace!”

For more information on Mark, and Butterflies Radio, visit the Butterflies Radio website.

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Guest Panelist Sam Kelly

Name: Sam Kelly
Location: West London, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 15th May 2011
Profile: Sam started his playing career in the early 70’s with Cymande – the very first band he played in. Although not well known in the UK, Cymande, who were produced and signed by MSI: Panelist John Schroeder, worked in the USA, successfully touring to promote 3 albums which were released on the Janus label. The band may not have been around for long in the 70’s but the Cymande legacy continues with Bra and The Message being sampled by The Fugees, De La Soul and others. Cymande tracks have also been featured in the Spike Lee films, Crooklyn and 25th Hour. Recently Cymande has reformed and are currently writing a new album, to be produced by Schroeder. Over the years Sam has also worked with, amongst others, Robert Plant, Chaka Khan, Dr John, Ben E. King, has toured with Billy Ocean, Desmond Dekker, Michelle Shocked and in 2008 recorded drums for Gary Moore’s album “Bad For Your Baby” and toured with him in Germany. Sam’s long career covers live gigs, festivals, drum workshops, theatre work and radio and TV sessions, both in the UK and overseas. Sam has been voted into Blues In Britain magazine Gallery of the Greats, as five-times winner of the ‘UK Drummer of the Year’ award. Sam’s TV appearances include “That’s Life”, “Top Of The Pops” (with various artists) and “Not The Nine O’Clock News” and he was the drum tutor for the UK film “Swing”. In the theatre, Sam has been part of the band for productions including “125th Street” (West End), “The Blues Brothers” 1997 UK Tour, “Ain’t Misbehavin'” and many more. Sam is currently endorsed by several drum manufacturers including, Carrera Drums, CVL Drums, Protection Racket, Sabian Cymbals and Vic Firth. Currently Sam is still working with his own bands – Sam Kelly’s Station House, Primo Blue and Sam Kelly’s Blues Band and he continues to gig with the Papa George Band, The Soul Britannia All-Stars, Chuck Farley, Giles Hedley & the Aviators, Francesco Boldini (Italy) and Errol Linton’s Blues Vibe.

For more information on Sam, visit his website at

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Guest Panelist Dave Carrera

Name: Dave Carrera
Location: West London, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 10th April 2011
Profile: Dave Carrera is a self-taught professional drummer and drum manufacturer. Based in West London, Dave started drumming in 1983, which saw him playing with many original and covers bands, playing at venues big and small across the UK. For the past 12 years Dave has concentrated more on playing in covers bands, which has stretched his drumming ability and seen him touring across the UK and Europe playing functions and theatres with bands including Abakus and Preparation X. Dave also makes himself available for session work and is often called to sit in on recording sessions and as a stand-in drummer at gigs. Recently Dave was involved in the organisation of the STICK IT TO MS charity record breaker, which saw 582 drummers playing together in one room at the NIA Birmingham , smashing the previous world record of 533 held by the Americans and raising over £34,000 for The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

In 2009 Dave opened Carrera Drums for business, concentrating on manufacturing custom, hand-made, top-end drums that have a distinctive sound that works both in Live and Recording environments. Described as “Rolls Royce Glorious” by Rhythm Magazine, Carrera Drums are currently being played by Sam Kelly (Cymande, Gary Moore, Robert Plant) and Nigel Glockler (Saxon) amongst others.

For more information, check out Carrera Drums website:

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Guest Panelist Andrea Bensmiller

Name: Andrea Bensmiller
Location: Las Vegas, USA
First MSI Appearance: 3rd Apr 2011
Profile: Andrea Bensmiller, a Berklee College of Music Graduate currently working in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, is a producer, audio engineer, vocalist, guitarist, and bassist whose work has been heard in numerous film and television placements, including four films and a DVD release for comedian Margaret Cho, cues for Date Patrol, the AOL launch of Jack Black’s “School of Rock,” The Discovery Channel and Fox’s “Notes from the Edge of Life.” Her music can currently be heard on Las Vegas airwaves under promotions for Fox 5 News (The Rant and Xterra Station Campaign).

In Vegas, Andrea has been a featured performer at Sunset Station, Monte Carlo’s Brand Lounge, Rock and Roll Wine at MIXX Lounge at the Mandalay Bay, The District at Green Valley Ranch and numerous local events, benefits and shows. Andrea also writes a weekly blog for Live 2 Play magazine online at and audio feature news stories for Front of House Magazine, both nationally distributed print magazines catering to audio engineers and working musicians.

A firm believer that mentorship is a vital part of living and growing as a musician, Andrea teaches voice, piano and guitar at Anthem Hills Music School in Henderson, NV, and will be developing a show choir at the school  in 2011.

For more info on Andrea check out her website

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Guest Panelist Ken Scott

Ken Scott

Name: Ken Scott
Location: Indianapolis, IN
First MSI Appearance: 27th Mar 2011
Profile: Ken Scott, also known as “That Voice Guy” is one of the leading voice actor/narrators in America.

He had his first job as a radio disc jockey before he turned 16. Ken held down 4 different radio jobs simultaneously at one point during his teen years. At his first ‘full-time’ gig at WDRM-FM in Huntsville, Alabama, Ken became the first talent in that stations history to cross the ratings threshold of a 30 share in the coveted 25-54 demographic. Ken accepted his first management job in 1992 when he left his familiar southern birthplace to become group Program Director for Prarieland Broadcasters in Decatur, IL. In 1995 he very nearly took a different path when approached by the local ABC TV affiliate to do on camera weather reports. Ken succeeded as a TV weather-caster, continuing this for just over a year. What seemed a promising career came to an abrupt halt in 1996 when he answered the call of yet another ABC broadcast property, WLS in Chicago asked him to join their radio team. He became the Creative Services Director for WLS-FM, which had multiple manifestations during his 4 year stint. From Kicks Country to CD 94.7, he thrived in his new major market environment. While contributing creative efforts to all the ABC/Disney properties in Chicago (WLS-AM, ESPN radio, Radio Disney and ABC 7), Ken managed to distinguish himself among his peers by winning trophies in the Chicago A.I.R. Awards and the coveted Helen Cody Baker Awards. He was nominated a record 13 times for his creative achievements. In 1999, Ken left ABC, ascending to a lucrative position with TourDesign Creative Services in Indianapolis. There, he created radio and TV ads for the entertainment industries’ elite. Neil Young, Toby Keith, Eminem, Dixie Chicks, Jon Stewart, Sarah McClachlan and hundreds more.

Ken left Tourdesign in 2009 to focus full time on his voice acting and narration career. Today, you can hear Ken’s voice on radio and TV stations all over the world, as well as countless websites. His client list is extensive, including the likes of Pacific Life, Humane Society, Mattel, Universal Studios, Visa, ABC, Disney and hundreds more.

Check out Ken’s website That Voice

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Guest Panelist John Schroeder

Name: John Schroeder
Location: Surrey, UK.
First MSI Appearance: 27th Feb 2011
Profile: John was one of the great A&R men, producers and songwriters of the British pop music explosion of the 1960s. He began as Norrie Paramor’s assistant at EMI Records – where he helped shape the careers of Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Helen Shapiro and others. John has co-written many top ten hits, including Helen Shapiro’s “Walking Back To Happiness”, which sold over a million records and won him and co-writer Mike Hawker an Ivor Novello Award, the biggest award available to a songwriter. John went on to become A&R Manager at Oriole Records and brokered a deal to license recordings from the US Tamla and Motown catalogues, with famous recordings including “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me” (The Miracles), and “Fingertips” (Little Stevie Wonder). In the mid 1960s, Schroeder moved to Pye Records and formed the instrumental pop outfit Sounds Orchestral, which had an international hit with their version of “Cast Your Fate to the Wind”. With this group as well as under several other names, including his own, he released a large number of easy listening covers of popular songs. There was a resurgence in interest in them in the 1990s, when they became popular tracks in London dance clubs and appeared on soundtracks to films such as the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. Whilst at Pye Records, John also oversaw the launch of the career of Status Quo in 1968 with their first hit “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”. John is currently working on a new album with Cymande, who he produced and released 3 albums for in the 70’s, which gained some success in the USA and were released on the Janus label.

To find out more about John Schroeder, buy his book “Sex & Violins”

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Guest Panelist Jeff Mahoney

Name: Jeff Mahoney
Location: Calgary, Canada
First MSI Appearance: 20th Feb 2011
Profile: Jeff Mahoney is a jazz musician that is also a composer for film and media. Jeff has been playing trumpet since he was 7 years old and underwent formal training at the Dick Grove School of Music as well as Western Washington University, The Festival at Sandpoint Idaho, The Centrum Port Townsend Jazz Workshop and years of private study with various musicians. His teachers include Gunther Schuller, Victor Lewis, Claudio Roditi, Henry Christian, Jeff Clayton, Terrell Stafford and John Bunch. Jeff has performed with B.B.Coleman for over a year on a U.S. tour playing the blues. The blues influences Jeff and has enriched his playing and understanding of music. Jeff has also performed with Michael Buble, Diana Krall, Victor Lewis, Roy Hargrove, Jeff Hamilton, Steve Turre, Donald Bailey, Gunther Schuller and many more. Working out of his own studio, Jeff can compose the Soundtrack that you have always wanted for your film and his previous titles include; Asperity, The Embalmer, Looking for Johhny Chan, The Wrong Gun, The Muse and Musician, Dude, Where’s my Grandma, A Knock at the Door and many others. Japan is a very large part of Jeff’s musical life. While in Japan, Jeff has performed with his most valued friend and musician, Seiji Tada. Mr.Tada performs regularily in Japan and is cited as one of the finest Jazz musicians in Tokyo. Jeff is also available on under the name of Filmscorz, where you can download over 600 of his compositions for free.

Find out more about Jeff’s new album project here:

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Guest Panelist Paul Miro

Name: Paul Miro
Location: Derby, UK
First MSI Appearance: 13th Feb 2011
Profile: Singer/songwriter, guitarist and ex cool dreadlocked guy behind the 1990s Kerrang and MTV obsessed rock powerhouse that was Apes, Pigs & Spacemen. AP&S were signed (rather too hastily) to now defunct label Music For Nations, and toured Europe supporting acts like The Wildhearts, Monster Magnet and Skid Row. Paul has had an exciting musical career, through limited success on bass with pop-act Candy Flip, who had a hit with a remake of the Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever”, through to a wealth of guest appearances on other artists’ albums, TV and film soundtracks – including Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding’s movie Bad Day. Paul’s own releases include AP&S albums “Transfusion“, which topped the Rock chart in the UK and Europe, “Snapshot” and “Free Pawn” along with his current solo project albums including “Earthly Powers” and “B.O.A.T.S.“. An eclectic songwriter, Paul’s musical output has always reached places way beyond the mosh pits of Europe and over the past two decades his output has totalled over an eye-popping 2000 songs. Paul is currently working on his third solo album, a new album with AP&S to be released in 2011 and another side project ‘Pacmen‘ with Alex Kane of Antiproduct.

Check out Paul’s website

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Guest Panelist Jon Hodgson

Name: Jon ‘Lefty’ Hodgson
Location: London, UK
First MSI Appearance: 30h January 2011
Profile: With a degree in Electronics Engineering, Jon has spent a lot of his life fixing things, making money from repairing amps, keyboards and mixers including official warranty jobs for manufacturers such as Roland as well as doing demos, support and sales for Soundscape whilst acting as a freelance Audio Technology Consultant. Now a freelance software engineer, Jon considers himself as a computer/digital recording specialist and has been responsible for some of the sounds found on songs from artists including Trent Reznor, Underworld, Rick Wakeman, Ultravox, Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder. He has been working on Plugins and DSPs development since 1995 for companies including GForce Software, Phillips, and Spectrasonics, and has produced audio code for The Imposcar, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX and Trillian. Jon has a wide range of knowledge of DAWs and operates Logic, Live, ProTools and many others for the purpose of testing new software, and has produced an album for Jazz musician Paul Edmonds. His career has also taken him in the world of 3D sound, working for Sensaura (part of EMI Group) and designing recording studios. Jon is currently working on ImpOSCar2, which he apologises for as it is currently overdue and he is working flatout to iron out the last issues. In his spare time, Jon likes to play guitar, which he has done since a child, and regularly attends local jam nights and open mic nights to play, as well as recording and composing guitar parts for local theatre groups.

Check out Jons work with GForce Software

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Guest Panelist Terry Dean

Terry "Terry Dean" ChristensenName: Terry “Terry Dean” Christensen
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
First MSI: Appearance: Show 2, 23rd Jan 2011
Profile: A 20 year on-air radio professional, who started his career in 1990, at WEIC in Charleston, IL. Working at small and medium market stations during his career, for the past 11 years he’s been located just outside the Chicago market. He’s had the opportunity to conduct interviews with Kenny Chesney, Dave Coulier, William Shantner and Gabe Caplin, along with many other country music artists, minor celebs and all sorts of crazy and non-crazy politians. He’s done voice work for, both, local and national campaigns. Currently, Terry’s News Director at two stations in the Chicago area.

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Guest Panelist Dave "Sniffa" Bryce

Dave BryceName: Dave “Sniffa” Bryce
Location: London, UK
First MSI: Appearance: Show 1, 16th Jan 2011
Profile: Dave Bryce is a talented lead guitarist, best known for playing with new wave British heavy metal band “Spider” between 1976 – 1986. The band, who were often compared to Status Quo, offered an upbeat sound, which was described as Boogie Rock. Spider released three albums in the 10 years they were together, titled Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies (1982), Rough Justice (1984) and Raise the Banner (For Rock ‘n’ Roll) (1986). They played 1,000 gigs in the first four years of their existence and went on to play tours with Uriah Heap and Gillan in the early 80’s. Spider signed recording deals with RCA Records, then Alan McGee (who also signed Oasis) signed them to A&M Records and from there, they moved over to PRT Records.

For more about Spider, check out the Spider Archive

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Guest Panelist John "JL" Gerkensmeyer

John GerkensmyerName: John “JL” Gerkensmeyer
Location: USA
First MSI: Appearance: Pilot Show, 8th Jan 2011
Profile: John is a musician, podcaster and administrator at independent music website He began his musical odyssey in the flowering San Francisco/Peninsula scene of the early ‘60s. As a musician John has played with some greats including Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) and Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac) and as a podcaster John runs his own show called MUGShots, dedicating an hour to showcase and discuss the music of a different independent artist each show. John is also a regular host of iCWeekly with Rich and Tommy discussing music and tech every Sunday on the iCWeekly Network.

Check out John’s podcast MUGShots.

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