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MSI: Episode 48 & 95
Jan 2012, 2013

Brand New
by Paul Miro

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NAME: paulmiro

Singer/songwriter, guitarist and ex cool dreadlocked guy behind the 1990s Kerrang and MTV obsessed rock powerhouse that was Apes, Pigs & Spacemen. AP&S were signed (rather too hastily) to now defunct label Music For Nations, and toured Europe supporting acts like The Wildhearts, Monster Magnet and Skid Row. Paul has had an exciting musical career, through limited success on bass with pop-act Candy Flip, who had a hit with a remake of the Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever”, through to a wealth of guest appearances on other artists’ albums, TV and film soundtracks – including Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding’s movie Bad Day. Paul’s own releases include AP&S albums “Transfusion“, which topped the Rock chart in the UK and Europe, “Snapshot” and “Free Pawn” along with his current solo project albums including “Earthly Powers” and “B.O.A.T.S.“. An eclectic songwriter, Paul’s musical output has always reached places way beyond the mosh pits of Europe and over the past two decades his output has totalled over an eye-popping 2000 songs. Paul is currently working on his third solo album, a new album with AP&S to be released in 2011 and another side project ‘Pacmen‘ with Alex Kane of Antiproduct.