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MSI: Episode 48
Jan 15 2012

You Got Me Spinning
by Jiguma

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Band: Jiguma
Genre 1: Rock-based with jazz, folk, RnB and country influences
Genre 2: none
Label: none

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NAME: Neil Porter

Links: - older interview Received the MSI "Artist Of The Year" award - full audio interview here: Who is this guy? A long, long time ago - well before the wheel was invented - Neil played bass in the Sydney northern beaches music scene with a successful acoustic band called Marastique, moved to the city area to play some serious country-rock with The Rusty Dusty Brothers then played briefly with The Great Dividing Band before heading overseas on a "grand tour" of Europe. High points of this period included some recording for the ABC, weekend jams with members of Air Supply, Tully, Tamam Shud etc and playing a few gigs on bass with Tamam Shud. Moved to the South Coast of NSW and played with some good local bands. Then there were the years of musical darkness ................. job, family, travel etc. In 2005, Neil discovered GarageBand on his Mac and did a cover of a Marastique song which he posted at "MacJams". 123 original songs (and over 100 collaborations) later, Neil has become a well respected fixture on MacJams, writing, playing, singing, recording and producing his own songs in his Pambula Beach "studio". A multi-instrumentalist, he enjoys online collaborations with musicians from all over the world, one of which has resulted in a video - "Safe Hands". Neil "genre hops" within the rock, RnB (old style), country rock, acoustic rock, jazz rock, folk rock and soul (old style) areas. He has also dabbled in classical and electronic composition as his alter-ego "Retro Plien" Neil has released two CDs of his own music. A 3rd solo CD will be released in the Australian Autumn 2012. With PBGB (which he joined in 2008), he plays bass, guitars, harmonica and sings, as well as doing the lion's share of recording and production of PBGB tunes in "The Shed" (studio/rehearsal room at Pambula Beach). Solo work is recorded and produced at "jiguma studio" also in Pambula Beach.