Here is a selection of quotes from Artists that have already appeared on the show:

“Well anyway, the review is not the most gratifying but I’m still happy having this experience (and for nearly everything they said, they were right BTW).”

“I’d like to add that the comments given by the panelists were refreshingly critical in a useful/positive way that has given me ideas for future songs.”

“If I take anything away from this review it’s that you didn’t laugh it off the show. I guess the fact that you accepted it as a not totally unlistenable example of what it was, a digital videogame-esque background groove, makes me not want to totally hide my head in shame.

“Seems like a really good approach to 21st century A&R”

“Thanks a lot for the professional advise on how to make this song better.”
Dan King, Cousin Affect

“I really appreciate all of the props from the panelists as well as the critiques…”
Scott Leftwich & The Atarians

“It’s like they knew I’m a college student who got this demo done for next to nothing except for briberies of alcohol.”
Corey William

“I had a chance to listen to the entire show last night (highly enjoyable to listen to the interplay between all of you), and to think more about the comments after coming down from cloud 9 a bit.”
Samantha, Volary

“When I sent in the song I was not expecting such a thorough review on the music, the mix and everything and I really want to thankyou for taking the time to listen to us.”
Juliana Ronderos, Il Abanico

“Listening to the reviews was the most interesting part and gave me some things to think about next time I’m in the studio.”
Sean Waterman

Thanks for including my music on MSI: it was good to hear what your reviewers had to say. I think they were very fair and balanced in their observations…”
Paul Birtwell

“You are doing a great service to the independent music scene and we appreciate it very much.”
Ken Avery, Glass Identity Crisis

“We really appreciated the detailed and qualified analysis of our track from all of you and we’ll surely consider all your suggestions for the next album.”
Phono Emergency Tool

“Thanks so much for listening. I’m humbled that people in the industry listen… and in this case, take the time to review.”
Billy Kay

“Enjoyed hearing the comments – some technical things i have to learn… :)”

“Really enjoyed the broadcast and especially liked the critique after the song. I appreciate the advice – good and bad.”

“I’ve watched the show – thanks for the honest review! :) I can see where you’re all coming from with all the comments…to be honest, when I wrote it I didn’t even realise it sounded like a country song!”
Sheena Bratt

“I’ve listened to the show and i must say, it was brillant. Very detailed criticism from musicians, it was helpful for me to improve my skills.”

“You guys provided some really good feedback and were spot on with many of your comments”
Tzuriel Kastel

“I just watched the show and THANK YOU so very much – your reviews were very constructive (and quite an ego boost), without being detrimental.”

“I am glad you’ve considered the tune and many thanks for the exposure. I’m waiting for a couple of tunes to come from my studio in a week or two and I’ll send them to your site as well.”
Pasha Black

“Wow! That’s all I can say. You have just garnered a lifetime fan of MSI!”
JTodd Burroughs