Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are songs for the show selected?
2. How does the review process work?
3. How is the Song of the Week selected?
4. How will you promote the Song of the Week?
5. How can the audience participate?
6. Can I become a Guest Panelist?
7. Video isn’t playing on my Mac. What’s up with that?

The music selection process
All music submissions are made by you, the viewers, independent musicians, publicists, band managers and, maybe, even signed musicians. MSI:, only, requires that the music be yours, that you have permission from the original artist, or copyright holder, to use any samples that the submission might include, or that you have the right, or permission, from the original artist, or copyright holder, to submit the selection (if you represent a musician or band). You may submit as many selections as you wish, as long as they meet the requirements listed on the submission page. When there are submission that MSI: believe needs additional scrutiny the artist who made the submission will be contacted, for further clarification. Any submitted selections will not be listened to by MSI: panelists until they are played during the live broadcast.

Prior to each air-date, the MSI: show host will, randomly, select 3 songs, from those submitted. The host will listen to the selected songs, to ensure that they meet the requirements on the submission page. They will then be placed in queue, for review during the live broadcast.

Once a submitted song has appeared on the live broadcast, it will be removed from further selection. It may, based on the site ToS, be used on the site, or be included within online audio streams.

Review process
The review process is very straight forward. Submitted song selections are heard by the MSI: panelists. The panelists are then offered a 3-minute window where they offer their first impression review of the song. Reviews are provided without regard to other songs appearing on the broadcast.

Song of the Week selection
At the end of every broadcast, the MSI: panelists confer amongst each other to select a ‘Song of the Week,’ from the songs that were reviewed during the broadcast.

Song of the Week Promotion
Songs of the Week will be promoted on the MSI: site, and, possibly, other sites affiliated with The iCWeekly Network. Within the MSI: site, each Song of the Week will be afforded a premier posting location at the top right sidbar, allowing visitors to play the selection, until such time as another ‘Song of the Week’ is selected. Additionally, a promotional entry will be made for each Song of the Week, outlining the show in which it was selected. Within this post, the song will be predominately displayed, allowing visitors to play the song and offer comment on it.

Viewer and visitor Participation
Audience participation is encouraged, not only during the live broadcast of MSI:, but also on the site itself.

During the live MSI: broadcast, audience members can participate by making their voices heard in the live show chat. Participation is further encouraged through the use of the commenting and polling capabilities of the site.

Becoming a Panelist
MSI: Guest Panelists are hand selected from the music, or related, industry experts. If you feel that you meet this stipulation, we’d be pleased to hear from you about becoming a guest panelist. Navigate to our Contact Us page and drop us a line, outlining your qualifications. We’ll be sure to get back to you.

Video Playback – Mac
There are instances where video will not successfully play. Specifically, when attempting to view video using Firefox, on either Windows or OSX. There is a solution. Using, either, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Chrome, will play the video.