MSI: is a hot, new, live broadcast and podcast, where our team of self-proclaimed ‘music experts’ investigate and analyze three random songs, submitted by you, the viewers. For an hour, we talk about and debate the music you send us and, hopefully, by the end of the show we are able to all agree on a “Song Of The Week”, which is featured here on the website.

Our panelists hear, viewer submitted, songs for the first time live on the show and then each expert has just a couple of minutes to offer up their true feelings and first impressions of the music. We don’t aim to pull our punches either… If we don’t like it, we tell you… If we think it can be improved, we try and offer constructive criticism… If we love it, you might just make “Song Of The Week”.

The show is hosted by Rich Wildman of iCWeekly, who is joined each week by fellow iCWeekly broadcaster Tom Chianti, a retired sound engineer, and by Ian Husbands, an independent music artist. Our third panelist each week is a, hand picked, special guest to bring even more knowledge to the debate.

The show is broadcast weekly, on Sundays at 4.00pm (EST) / 9.00pm (GMT), on the iCWeekly website, where viewers will be able to watch the live steam and interact with the show in our chatroom. The show is, also, available to download for FREE from iTunes, a few hours after the end of the broadcast.

So, whatever your genre or musical tastes, if you want us to put your music under the microscope in our SoundLab, then why not upload your songs here, on our website, and let the investigation begin!

About The iCWeekly Network
The iCWeekly Network hosts Live shows about the goings on around the internet, with a focus on music; how its made and why we make it. The iCWeekly Network is home to MUGshot, Geo’s Live, Ruby Tuesday, iCNick@Nite, Unscripted Audio and iCWeekly shows, created around and supporting the independent musician. We, at the iCWeekly Network, hope you enjoy the shows and encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions, concerns or show ideas.