For years, MSI: has brought together an expert panel that, each week, provided in-depth technical reviews of artist submitted music and introduced hundreds of new artists to music lovers around the world. These services have always been free of charge to Independent artist.

It is with some sorrow that MSI: has discontinued reviewing artist submitted music at this time. MSI: has noticed a move of its audience away from live broadcasts to pre-recorded shows and away from material available via postcasts to those available via YouTube.

However, that does not mean that MSI: has stopped supporting Independent Artists.

In 2016, MSI: has decided to take on the task of ReVisioning indie music. Specifically, MSI: will be upping the game, reviewing Indie artists music videos, on YouTube and other online video sites.

YouTube is the world’s largest and most popular online repository of videos and may be the world’s largest streaming music service because of that. It is, certainly, used by more people than other streaming music services. Independent artist from around the world are uploading their music to YouTube. In fact, there have been many artists who have gotten their break through YouTube.

That’s where the MSI: ReVision program comes in…


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