Well, all good things must come to an end and MSI is no exception. I for one will be sorry to see it end. We’ve had the privilege to hear some remarkably talented songwriters and performers. Some incredibly polished engineering and creative recordists. We have seen the caliber of submissions increase exponentially and I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing every one of these pieces. Thanks to all of the artists that have had the guts to submit there musical compositions to be scrutinized and dissected by some very intelligent and quite talented people even if some of them are some grumpy old bastards. You know who you are.

Thank you Andrea and James for your insight, unique points of view and gentle critique of these submissions. Thanks to Tom Chianti for his contributions and suggestions to the artist from a recording engineer’s prospective.

Most of all, Thanks to Rich Wildman and Ian Husbands for their persistence and entertaining personalities that were the heart and soul of MSI.

I will have to award everyone my entire janitorial cart and cleaning supplies for the smashingly good time that I had here and remember, please unplug and carefully cover and electronically sensitive equipment before hose down after the end of today.


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