Well, after a 2 month hiatus from writing these reviews, hopefully I’m back for good. I apologize to anyone who actually reads this blog, but my construction project manager job has eaten my private life with extreme prejudice. I am not thrilled with the idea that I have no time to record, produce or especially compose any music but sometimes you have to just face the fire.

Our submissions for this week were rather eclectic to say the least.
#1 was a nice chillstep tune that had a very nice sound palette and excellent use of sweeping filters and delays. This piece would be perfect for an after hours DJ mix or some independent film movie cues.

#2 Was a cute little folky love song that seem like a ‘push record’ first take. With a little tune up of the vocals and acoustic guitar and some sweeteners like a fiddle part or a banjo, we would have a happy little ballad.

#3 Wow, very different! As an old Fusion/Progressive rocker from the 70s this was a delicious eye-opener. Gothic dubstep? Maybe you have created a new genre that will open up the eyes of video game producers or horror film makers. I really liked it but I can see how some folks might find this difficult to listen to.

The high quality of submitted music on MSI has made it much more challenging to pick a winner but I will have to award 2 brooms and a wet/dry shop vac to #1. Until next week.


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