A very interesting trio of pieces this week challenged all of us this week to have a favorite.

#1 was a tremendous songwriter’s piece. This is a great tune with all of the telltales of a country song destined for the charts. It needs to be fleshed out with perhaps a kit and bass part and maybe a pedal steel and, ta dah, you have a hit.

#2 was, wow, 1967 again with that folk, psychedelic feel. Excellent vocals and fine musicianship makes for an easy listen but it may be hard to get this heard anywhere except in a period film soundtrack.

#3 had a fine 80’s feel to it. It would easily had been mt fave if it hadn’t been swimming in reverb. It had some fine vocals but too much of the other instrumentation was muddy from reverb.

Although I’m not much of a country music fan, I will give #1 3 hydro plungers and a mop for the drippings and if you get some more instrumentation on this, it is radio-ready.

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