Well between working hellish hours, a few Saturday night and Sunday gigs, and the pursuit of video documentation of Bigfoot, I have been burned-out or out of communication for a month or so. I apologize to the hard working artist who bust ass to submit music.

This week #1 had a nice modern sound with a rather talented bass player and a tune that had some really good ideas. The recording showed a wide separation of the instruments, maybe even a little to much. An interesting and innovative song structure with an unusual ending made this a very interesting but slightly in need of polish piece of music.

The #2 song, a country style with a psychedelic twist had some clever yet borderline novelty lyrics. There were some mix issues as the fiddle was mixed to far away with a lot of reverb and the lead guitar had similar issues. I think a picking banjo part would have pulled this together a bit more.

#3 has a ‘wall of sound’ 80s feel to it with some Van Halen Hammer-on and pull-offs in the licks and the solo. There was some ‘in tune’ issues with the vocals and the guitar part and there is just way to much reverb on the whole mix.

I have to go with 3 and a half Swiffer mops for #1. I think it has the best chance to be remixed and maybe a retake and there will be a good modern alternative pop song here.

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