Ian Freedman Profile PicName: Ian Freedman
Location: Reading UK
First MSI: Appearance: 16 November 2014

Profile: Ian is a multi-instrumentalist and proud musical jack-of-all-trades. He anchors The Readifolk Radio Show, a two-hour weekly folk & acoustic show that is broadcast locally in Reading UK, in Canada & Australia, as well as streaming on the internet. He has been around music all his life, (his mother was a music teacher and one of his uncles a well known classical composer), and started playing in bands as a teenager.

As well as broadcasting Ian continues to play in the folk group Ryewolf, the odd solo spot as a singer songwriter and the occasional corporate gig as a dijeridoo player. Although his prime interest is now in the folk & acoustic scene in the UK, Ian has played in many genres of music from punk to blues to rock. He does not regard himself as being an expert on anything, but admits to being opinionated!

Check out Readifolk Radio here: http://www.readifolk.org.uk/radio/


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