Name: Steve Gardner
Location: Florida, USA
First MSI: Appearance: 16th March 2014

Profile: Steve has been involved in music for over 30 years, with talents including vocals, songwriting, guitars, bass, keyboards and production, as well as being one of the driving forces behind the scenes at music collaboration website alongside partner Raf Fiol.

Since joining in 2009, Steve has created educational partnerships, helped to establish as the leader in online music collaboration throughout the music industry and has been involved with some big collaboration contests with artists including Brian Culbertson, Glenn Phillips and Joe Bonamassa.

When he is not working behind the scenes at, Steve is an indie artist himself, under the moniker of ‘sanger’, and is influenced mainly by Rock and Blues. He has created and joined in excess of 150 Kompoz collaborations to date and plans many more for the future.

Steve first got involved with MSI: back in June 2011 when he submitted a tune “All My Yesterdays” by his online band The Condition, which eventually led to Steve introducing MSI: to many other users and forming a working relationship with the site.

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