Name: Ben Draiman
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
First MSI: Appearance: 3rd November 2013

Profile: Ben Draiman was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and has been a singer-songwriter as well as a pianist from the young age of 13 years old. Heavily influenced by a wide variety of music and styles, his music can best be described as powerful, emotional, melodic rock, fusing together the softness of the piano alongside the intensity and roughness of electric guitar. He comes from a family of musicians, most notably his older brother, David Draiman of the Hard Rock groups Disturbed and Device.

Drawing from musical influences growing up a child of the 80s in Chicago, like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Bon Jovi, Draiman has developed a knack of combining magnetic melodies and crunching arena rock choruses that accentuate the interplay between guitar and piano. He describes his music as exploring the common denominators of Evanescence’s heaviness and Coldplay’s prettiness. And his lyrics are straight from the heart, and so personal they prevented him from seeking to play his songs in public for many years. His performances, as well as his music’s unique intensely emotional and authentic style has set him apart from many other artists and continues to draw larger audiences over the years all across the age demographic. His single “Soon Enough” which was released in 2011 in anticipation of his 6-Track EP, released in 2012, went on to garner considerable worldwide interest.



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