Name: Nick Andrew
Location: London, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 15 September 2013
Profile: Nick grew up in Scotland, where he established a reputation as a virtuoso guitarist, composer, teacher and session guitarist, playing alongside masters from the world of Classical and Jazz guitar including Simon Dinnegan, John Goldie, Allan Neave and Russian composer Nikita Koshkin. He moved to London in 1997 to develop his career, working on a wide range of solo and collaborative projects with various solo artists, cover bands, and original acts including Electric Jazz pioneers Curfew, and Prog Rockers Vienna Circle. In 2005 Nick wrote, performed, produced and independently released his first solo CD called “Solo?” which is a mixture of modern classical with jazz (with a touch of Rock n’ Roll!). Nick has performed at numerous venues including Wembley Arena, Hyde Park, Dundee Guitar Festival, London Guitar Show, as well as all over Europe and America.

Alongside his love for Midi Guitars, Nick is always searching to exploit new technology, which has recently led him to be endorsed by Lace’s Alumitone Pickups , and has seen him contributing material on several music websites including the sadly missed and Lick Library. When he is not recording, producing or playing live Nick can be found in the classroom, and has taught at various colleges, universities and music schools like the ACM in Guildford, managing to fit in masterclasses here and there also.

All of this, and he lives in his car… which he has also written a book about!


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