Name: Rob Puricelli
Location: Suffolk, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 16 Jun 2013
Profile: Rob Puricelli owns and writes a successful music industry blog, Failed Muso, and is a freelance consultant to numerous music technology software developers, artists and engineers. Failed Muso is an ongoing, infinite project which serves as a vent for all things musical in his life. Originally a drummer, Rob was obsessed with music technology from a very early age, at a time when music technology itself was at an early age. After having numerous bad experiences playing with bands (and dealing with hefty ego’s), Rob opted for a more technical and withdrawn approach, although he does miss playing live. Rob now performs a number of tasks that vary between writing music and doing sound design and beta testing for both music hardware and software.

He’s worked on projects with companies such as Akai, Alesis, Hollow Sun, GForce Software, Horizontal Productions & Peter Vogel Instruments. He runs regular song writing challenges, a concept conceived to encourage new, original music making amongst the Propellerhead Reason community.

He composes, records and remixes music as part of the duo Page-R and has collaborated with such people as Lori Cunningham and has material on sale globally.

For more information about Rob, take a look at his blog Failed Muso.


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