Name: James Anderson
Location: Brighton, UK
First MSI: Appearance: 12th  May 2013
Profile: James Anderson is a Sound Engineer and Audio Producer.  Despite working in the world of corporate voiceover, recording e-learning modules, television/radio adverts and producing on-hold audio for telephone systems, James also has a solid background in band recording and sound design.

James is also a keen record collector and has bought and sold vinyl since being a music student.  Over the years James has built up a vast knowledge of music and knows what is rare and collectible.  He collects ‘60s and ‘70s psychedelic and progressive rock artists and has a vast collection of jazz 78s.  Passionate about surround sound, James is a Quadraphonic aficionado and has spent many years attempting to perfect the fiddly setup process required to extract four channels of audio from one groove.   In his recent years of record dealing, James met and became firm friends with MSI guest panellist and legendary record producer John Schroeder.  This friendship eventually led to a memorable and rather entertaining meeting with in-house MSI panellist Ian Husbands – the rest, as they say, is history…

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