Name: C Bret Campbell
Location: Tennessee, US
First MSI: Appearance: 21 April 2013
Profile: Bret Campbell is the Co-Founder of MiddleTennessee Music. Founded in 2011 as a merging of Small Barn Sound‘s production and promotion services with those of BUNKS Multimedia, Mid Tenn focuses on independent musicians, labels, venues, publications and web partnerships. Along with free information and promotion services Mid-Tenn acts as consultant, webmaster, and online marketing director for bands, artists, indie labels, radio promo companies, and others. They build, host and maintain websites, handle promotion campaigns and help build the professional team that an artist on the rise needs.

Bret’s been a musician for 35 years, and involved in the music community in some way or another all of that time. He is currently making music, is a journalist with The Saturday Independent, and a multitude of topics on Mid Tn and Small Barn Sound.

You can find out more information about Bret at Middle Tennessee Music.

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