Name: Carol Riordan
Location: Australia
First MSI: Appearance: 23 September 2012
Profile: Carol’s first introduction to music came from a very early age when she was subjected to the non- stop sounds of the Mersey beat – mainly, of course, The Beatles.  As she grew up she was influenced by a wide range of music from classical, opera, musicals and 50’s rock and roll. During her teenage years she was into the 70’s mainstream. However, during that time she also became influenced by progressive rock, and rock in general, from the Eagles to the complex music of Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer. Carol is by no means stuck in one genre!
Since joining forces with Mark Lamdanski and forming Butterflies Radio in 2009, her musical knowledge has increased and she has found herself listening to genres that never appealed to her in the past!
Her self-taught knowledge of computer and social media skills has helped a great deal in building a fan base for the station as well as contacting and getting a wide range of musical talent from around the globe “on board”.
Carol co-hosts, with Mark, the live TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE. The show airs at 8pm EDT, interviewing guests from around the world, via Skype. The show has become very popular among their followers. The format of the show is unique and their guests always have a fun time! They are booked up 6 months in advance!
Carol does not profess to have a musical talent; however, she has an ear for a good song!
Please feel free to contact Carol at Butterflies Radio.


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