Name: Robert Lindquist
Location: New York, USA
First MSI: Appearance: Hitlist – 8th August 2012
Profile: Hey, Who you callin’ an Old Hippy? Well, he’s been called worse things and apparently—the shoe fits. Bob has been obsessed with music since the day his hand-eye coordination developed to the point that he could set the needle properly on the record without dragging it across the grooves.

In the dim and distant past it was common to find Bob and a few close friends trying to figure out how to make a semi-functional mobile PA system out of just about anything with a wall plug. Once he had one that worked, he immediately loaded it into a friend’s car along with his ever growing collection of 45s and LPs and headed out to redefine the term “loud.” It was about this time he actually convinced a local Top 40 AM radio station to give him an air slot—thus beginning his brief career as a “Boss Jock.” What were they thinking. Time passed, and Bob work his way up through the ranks in broadcasting holding various and sundry positions in programming, production, news and management.

In the mid-’80s, as opportunities in broadcast began drying up, he took a day job at an advertising agency so he could devote his weekends to building a Mobile DJ business. Based on the success of that venture, he was encouraged to write a couple of books/business guides to help others take their Mobile DJ dreams and desires to the next level. That soon led to the launch of “Mobile Beat,” the first magazine especially for Mobile DJs, which has been in publication since 1990. In 2006, Bob sold his interest in Mobile Beat and turned his focus to the future of communications: the Internet.

Today he is the Minister of Operations (Moo) for Level 11 Media (parent company of Live2Play, SoundProLive and Live2Play Worship). Along with all the annoying administrative tasks that come with that title, he still enjoys reviewing and ripping apart gear and doing that whole (along with his wife, Barb) wedding DJ thing on the weekends (Oh, he’s also a member of the American DJ Hall Of Fame and Mobile Beat DJ Hall Of Fame—how cool is that…). He also has more saxophones than he’ll ever have time to play. Now, what are we listening to this time.


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