Name: Tom Oswald
Location: Dorset, England
First MSI: Appearance: 2nd September 2012

Profile: Tom is an entrepreneur who started his own company at the age of 15, working with vending machines. At the age of 20, Tom moved to the UK and invented the Osmatic System, developing a fast pour system for beer dispensing units, which he still heads with product currently being taken to market through strategic partnerships. Tom has run several other companies in many fields ranging from medical through to Laser Spectroscopy systems. In 2011 after having met many talented musicians who had little or no hopes of being recognised, Tom setup Red Dragon Records, with the hopes of getting musicians into a position of being noticed for their talents. Alongside a dedicated team, Red Dragon has rapidly become one of the fastest growing independent record labels, a trend which he plans to continue. Now, with a booking agency and PR agency growing from Red Dragon Records, the expansion of the company continues in the form of Acoustic Spectrum Radio, a partnership with Neil King of indie music magazine “FATEA”. Based in the UK, Acoustic Spectrum Radio is all about free music promotion, utilising their combined links within the music industry to import radio shows worldwide and exporting radio shows out. With their own servers transmitting 12,500 gigabytes of music per month, Acoustic Spectrum expects to get indie musicians heard by tens of thousands of people across the globe. With plans for a two channel Indie Music TV Station nearly complete as well, Tom is a busy man keen on making a better life for the indie musician.


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