Name: Rob.E. Burrows
First MSI: Appearance: Jan 8th 2012
Profile: Rob.E. Burrows is a talented drummer, best known for playing with new wave British heavy metal band “Spider” between 1976 – 1986. The band, who were often compared to Status Quo, offered an upbeat sound, which was described as Boogie Rock. Spider released three albums in the 10 years they were together, titled Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies (1982), Rough Justice (1984) and Raise the Banner (For Rock ‘n’ Roll) (1986). They played 1,000 gigs in the first four years of their existence and went on to play tours with Uriah Heap and Gillan in the early 80′s. Spider signed recording deals with RCA Records, then Alan McGee (who also signed Oasis) signed them to A&M Records and from there they moved over to PRT Records. Rob.E. now lives in Australia.

For more about Spider, check out the Spider Archive.


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