Name: Leigh Heggarty
Location: Middlesex, UK
First MSI: Appearance: August 14th 2011
Profile: Initially inspired by the Sixties sounds of The Beatles and The Who mixed with the Seventies stylings of T. Rex and Dr. Feelgood Leigh took up the guitar as a schoolboy in the late Seventies during the punk rock explosion although it wasn’t until 1985 that he formed The Price, with whom he  released several records and played hundreds of gigs supporting Transvision Vamp, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine and Mega City Four among many others. Leigh then went on and formed The Flame who recorded with noted producer Pip Williams and supported the likes of Ian Hunter and Wilko Johnson on the London club circuit. From there he put together The Informers, playing Rhythm and Blues at a time when it was the most unfashionable type of music imaginable and played with bands like The Yardbirds and Dr. Feelgood before fizzling out at the end of the decade. The new century began with Leigh helping out Irish punk ‘psycho-ceilidh’ band Neck ‘for a few gigs’ which saw him record on their 2002 World Cup single, supporting Stiff Little Fingers and The Undertones and playing at The Glastonbury Festival. Leigh went on to play with Dave Finnigan’s Commitments, with Dave who was an original cast member of the film playing Mickah Wallace. Other acts Leigh has played with includes  The Chicago Blues Brothers, Utter Madness, The Sex Pistols Experience, as well as working ex-Adverts singer T.V. Smith, Mick Ralph’s (Bad Company) band Repetoire Dogs and many more. Leighs guitar skills have seen him tour across Britain, Ireland, Europe and the USA and also working as guitar tech with Stuart Monks maintaining the guitars at theatre shows including ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘The Jersey Boys’ and ‘Hairspray’ in London’s West End.

Back in July 2007 Leigh was the rehearsal guitarist for The Ruts’s reunion show with Dave Ruffy – the band reformed with American punk legend Henry Rollins on vocals for a benefit concert for guitarist Paul Fox who sadly died of cancer shortly after the gig. He has since contributed guitar on the forthcoming Ruts D.C. album ‘Rhythm Collision Volume 2‘, as well as working on an album with ‘Football Factory‘ author John King based on his novel ‘The Prison House”. When he’s not playing the guitar he works at the Balcony Shirts clothing and musical instrument shop in Uxbridge. Every so often he has a day off, which he normally spends feeling guilty about not working.

You can catch up with Leigh’s adventures in the wild ‘n’ wacky world of show business and beyond at


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