Mark LamdanskiName: Mark Lamdanski
Location: Southern, Florida
First MSI: Appearance: 05 June 2011
Profile: Becoming involved with Independent Music came at an early age for Mark. At 16 years old he started my own DJ business, later becoming a Cruise Ship DJ. In 2009, realizing a life-long dream, Mark, along with Carol Riordan, of Perth Australia, formed Butterflies Radio, launching it in February of the same year. In Mark’s own words, “As we began to understand the industry more and became enthralled with the variety and expanse of independent musicians worldwide, Carol and I began recruiting indie artists around the world.” Within months they had hundreds of submitted songs and realized the importance of providing a portal for indie musicians to get their music heard. Butterflies Radio capitalizes on the power of the Internet and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and others) to promote indie artists world-wide. Utilizing the power of Social Media, Butterflies Radio has exploded in popularity. To date, Butterflies Radio is commercial free and does not plan to sell on-air advertising. The station relies on donations to help cover its expenses.
Mark’s primary focus is running of the station, including receiving and screening submitted music and making sure the tunes get added to the rotation. Carol and Mark, also, host a weekly live and interactive Twitter Tuesday LIVE broadcast, where listeners and artists can get mentioned on the air, just by mentioning @allindie on Twitter! The show can be heard every Tuesday night at 8pm EST, on Butterflies Radio.
To hear Mark tell it, “There is a HUGE amount of incredibly talented musicians out there. My self-assigned responsibility is to make sure they’re heard. We must be doing something right – American Idol follows us on MySpace!”

For more information on Mark, and Butterflies Radio, visit the Butterflies Radio website.

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