Name: Jon ‘Lefty’¬†Hodgson
Location: London, UK
First MSI Appearance: 30h January 2011
Profile: With a degree in Electronics Engineering, Jon has spent a lot of his life fixing things, making money from repairing amps, keyboards and mixers including official warranty jobs for manufacturers such as Roland as well as doing demos, support and sales for Soundscape whilst acting as a freelance Audio Technology Consultant. Now a freelance software engineer, Jon considers himself as a computer/digital recording specialist and has been responsible for some of the sounds found on songs from artists including Trent Reznor, Underworld, Rick Wakeman, Ultravox, Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder. He has been working on Plugins and DSPs development since 1995 for companies including GForce Software, Phillips, and Spectrasonics, and has produced audio code for The Imposcar, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX and Trillian. Jon has a wide range of knowledge of DAWs and operates Logic, Live, ProTools and many others for the purpose of testing new software, and has produced an album for Jazz musician Paul Edmonds. His career has also taken him in the world of 3D sound, working for Sensaura (part of EMI Group) and designing recording studios. Jon is currently working on ImpOSCar2, which he apologises for as it is currently overdue and he is working flatout to iron out the last issues. In his spare time, Jon likes to play guitar, which he has done since a child, and regularly attends local jam nights and open mic nights to play, as well as recording and composing guitar parts for local theatre groups.

Check out Jons work with GForce Software


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